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Default Re: Patty Jenkins no longer directing "Thor 2"

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I wonder what interviews are going to be like for the main cast that was confirmed and Kenneth when asked about this. I mean one moment we hear Chris, Kenneth, and Tom saying on how great they thought Patty was and of her understanding of the material, then the next minute we get this.

I wonder how actors in their shoes approach doing interviews from here on out when asked about this, especially when another director is finally chosen as a permanent thing for the sequel.
There's no point in journalists really asking about this from here on out, because the interviews should generally be about the movie that's getting made, not the one that Patty Jenkins...isn't going to make. This is not a Superman Lives situation where the production got within days of filming and/or with a director with much more clout who had major creative control over the production. This is Marvel's bag...and they do make sure people know it.

But yes, actors, etc. move on and just try to produce the best film they can. Many of them do care about the product as well, but are ultimately at the behest of the studio's (and director's) creative choices.

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