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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Arach Knight View Post
I don't care about a prologue but the first trailer leaves much to be desired. It does little to effectively communicate the tone of the film or direction of the plot. Aside from fandom, the current trailer does little to elicit excitement/buzz/hype. I remember the old WTC Spider-aman trailer, right before it got a hard ban. I saw it online and was immediately excited even though it told no plot points. It simply had an energy that made ypu want to see what was going to be done with the character.

The existing Man Of Steel trailer is so somber, that if not for my knowledge of Zack Snyder's kinetic directing style, David Goyer's effective scripts and the competent production of Christipher Nolan, I'd fear that this film would be too much like Superman Returns...all based on the uninteresting trailer. I know a better trailer will come, but given the maligned state of the Euperman film franchise, I expected Warner Bros. to put a better foot forward than what amounted to a promo for Deadliest Catch.
Until proven otherwise, I honestly feel that the Nolan was perhaps a factor on why we got the teaser that we did. Nolan is known for releasing teasers for the films that he's involved with that really don't show much other than announcing to the world that the film is coming.

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