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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
Fair enough, but like you said you wish you gave a flying f**k what other people think. I'm not trying to offend you, but this is honestly how I feel.

There are tons of things that are totally illogical in the Prequels especially in Episode I:

1. Chancellor Valorum's solution of sending the Jedi to settle the conflict. So he sends the Jedi to the blockade right, then the Federation attempts to murder them, invades the planet, and chases them half way across the galaxy. Then when they finally escape to Courescant, Valorum declares they need a comity to decide the validity of their accusations. If he needs to send a comity to prove the testimony of the two Jedi he just sent there, then why the hell did he even send them in the first place?

2. Palpatine ordering the Trade Federation to "Kill them immediately".
So the Jedi get to the ship and the Nemoidians contact Sidious, after hearing the Jedi have arrived Sidious should have told the Trade Federation to inform the Jedi they are preparing to invade the planet. Then the Jedi could go back to the Chancellor (just like they did later), the Trade Federation would declare they're lying (just like they did later), and Palpatine could get a vote of no confidence on the Chancellor. Instead he orders them to kill the Jedi immediately, which is one the thing that could hinder his plans.

3. The fact Palpatine was pushing so hard for that stupid Treaty, that would totally undermine his scheme. So Palpatine orders the Trade Federation to march on the City and get a the Queen to sign a treaty making the invasion legal, even scowling "I want that treaty signed!" before sending Darth Maul out after her. So with no effort the Federation get to the city and captures the Queen. Well what if Palpatine was wrong and THE FOURTEEN YEAR OLD QUEEN gave in and signed the treaty. Well then the invasion would be legal and there goes Palpatines vote of no confidence.

4. The Council and their stance on Darth Maul. After Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon get back they inform the council of their attacker and that they believe he is a Sith Lord. Mace Windu tells him the council will put forth all their efforts in the matter. Then a few scenes later Mace tells Kenobi and Gin they are to return to Naboo to discover the identity of their attacker. Okay number one how do they know he's there, number two why did they suddenly lose intrest in the possible Sith Lord they were going to put "all of their effort in finding", and number three why did they send them alone? Like 9 of them showed up at the end for the celebration, why not send em there with em so maybe they can get Maul alive?

5. Qui-Gons bet and plan to get the shield generator was totally unnecessary. First Qui-Gon tries to mindtrick Watto into taking republic credits that are a good as monopoly money to him, indirectly stealing them. He then uses the force to fix a bet to the out come of his choosing, cheating him once again. So why doesn't he just steal the part? He already is screwing the guy out of his slaves and tried to steal it with the force once. Just sneak in while it's closed and steal the part.

Or maybe he could have hired someone to fly him, Kenobi, the Queen and co to Courescant and paid with credits (Like Obi-Wan does several years later). You know maybe a young pilot, who's rumored to be the best space pilot in the galaxy, who amazes Obi-Wan with his strong connection to the force, even hits it off a little with the Queen before deciding to become a Jedi? Would have been a much better way to introduce Anakin Skywalker than to make him a little kid, allowing no development between him and Amadalla as well as requiring an immediate recast.

6. The assignation attempts. First of all why does Jango need to hire another bounty hunter do his dirty work? Second of all why does he give her poison bugs? How about a bomb, Padme spends a whole lot of time next to huge open windows even sleeping besides them. The Jedi allow several droids to approach the windows carelessly several times. The bounty hunter, the bounty hunter Jango hired even uses a droid to successfully get the bugs in THROUGH THE WINDOW. So why not just strap a bomb on the droid and try and blow her up again? She also is able it shoot Obi-Wan down extremely accurately. Why not just get on a vantage point and shoot her while she's asleep.

Also given that the assassin tried to kill her from a vantage point the last time, why did Anakin set up the stupidest trap ever? Artoo has all these sensors shooting around the floor, and the only entrance in is the hall where the Jedi are waiting. What are the odds the guy is going to be stupid enough to run in on foot when they weren't the last time? Then after the assassin attacks, Obi-Wan (the older, rational one) jumps out the window to grab the droid and ride it through the sky to god knows where while Anakin (the young, reckless one) goes after him on a speeder. Especially given it has been established Anakin wants to get the attacker to impress Padme this is a huge reversal of roles.

Not only that why does Zam decide to try to kill Obi-Wan in the crowded bar, when she could have easily escaped. Even if she did kill him what was her plan from there, Anakin is still in the same room looking for her. She should have just left and tried again!

7.Padme suspects Count Dooku is behind the attempts on her life. Padme's main focus is stopping the military creation act and seeking a peaceful solution to the Separatist Crisis. As far as she knows Count Dooku is a former Jedi, the group of people that guard the galaxy and saved her and her planet 10 years before, and is simply trying to peacefully secede from the Republic. Now the military creation act is a bill to create a military in the event the Separatist Crisis reaches a worst case senario, a bill which she has avidly fought. Now if she is keeping the Republic from being able to obtain a means to defend itself, and she now thinks Dooku means war, then why would he wish to kill her allowing the bill to pass, before he could attack the defenseless Republic and declare the Confederacy a legitimate free state?

I could really go on for hours, Sith is a big improvement by minimizing Lucas's stupid elaborate schemes he's been writing in since Luke in Jedi, but there are still quite a few stupid things in there too.

I never said you couldn't have your opinion, but I can have mine too. Given everything I have said above, the horrible acting, the unrealistic cluttered CGI environments, Jar Jar, surplus of underdeveloped characters, and the overall mixed reviews from critics, I'd say I am more than entitled to keep my opinion as well. Plus too when was the last time you saw a reference to the prequels in popular media besides Jar Jar who has become the poster child for annoying supporting characters?

I am speaking to you the way you are speaking to me. I'm being insulting or trying to make you out to be inferior in anyway. If you don't wish to continue thats fine, but don't go around twisting my words.

I like the entire saga...PT&OT...but agree with everything you just said. One of My main beefs with the PT is characters (mostly jedi) are stupid for the sake of being stupid/for the sake of the plot.

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