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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

For me, there was a good story to be told in the prequels. An emotive, tension filled, dramatic story. It could've been epic. But sadly, after the success of the OT, GL holed himself up in Skywalker ranch and drifted into madness. After years of recluse he came to firmly believe that he could do it all himself. Write, direct, everything. He was untouchable. He would surround himself with arse lickers who were afraid of his shadow, and people who had no creative opinion about anything, ever. And if they did they were too gutless to voice that opinion with the fear GL would send them packing to dare question his vision. He would prove to the world that he, and he alone could do it all.... As I see it, Lucas is a visionary. He has great ideas. But he is NOT a great director,scriptwriter etc. People have to realise their limitations and not become deluded into thinking they're something that they aren't. It's called being humble. Unfortunately GL was blinded to these facts and we (fans who are smart and don't just sit there drooling at CGI and know what a coherent story is) had to endure the mind numbingly insipid mess that the prequels were.

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