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Default Re: Half Happy With The Wolverine - Am I The Only One?

I felt underwhelmed but very satisfied.

I'm pretty sure the underwhelming feel, for me, was because I immediately felt the need to see it again. There was a lot in this movie, and I felt I didn't get to appreciate everything with the first viewing. There are many aspects that I felt were done really, really well and just for that, one viewing isn't enough for me. For a superhero movie, this was different, more deep and more mature.
Also because I know there's an R-rated extended cut coming, I felt I didn't see it all.

The end did feel out of tone, but I didn't have problems with it. I thought I would, having read reviews. The movie changes its character a little in the end, but doesn't change the character of Logan or the overall theme and it doesn't destroy anything previously established in the movie.

Viper was a little out of place, but at least Yukio got to off her in a very satisfying way.

This underwhelming feel is very different than I had when I first saw X3. After X3, I was trying to make up excuses for the movie because I wanted to like it but was disappointed. After Wolverine it's different - I know that I don't want to make any excuses, I loved the overall tone, character portrayal (viper excluded). I just want to see it again, and also the extended version. With some movies, as well as music albums, you know when something gets better the more you watch/listen to it, and when something is disappointing and you just aren't ready to accept it.

For me, Wolverine had the style, the quality that made me instantly nod with acceptance. I need to see it again. I already like it, but I know I will like it more. It'll probably grow on me. Mangold is now, after this, one of my favorite directors.

In your case, you might be disappointed for real, but I encourage you to see it again just in case. Myself, preordering the extended cut as soon it's announced.

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