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Default Re: Half Happy With The Wolverine - Am I The Only One?

Hey everyone

Thanks a lot for your feedback and comments, it's been really interesting to read all of it.

Thanks! The part I found unfortunate is that I really loved the first half of the movie. It was compelling, something different, showed us Wolverine in a new light, and was essentially what I wanted from the movie. Where it all fell for me was the final act and second half.

I actually agree with most of your high points, and it is certainly deeper and more engaging than your average Marvel movie. Hugh Jackman was excellent, and that bullet train scene was spectacular.

You guys are making me want to watch it again, but I remember feeling underwhelmed because I was loving everything until somewhere around the second half where it stated becoming just far too conventional and lacking punch for me. In the first half, it felt like this movie could really have something powerful to say about Wolverine, and I felt that was lost.

That's exactly my thought train :P

Overall, I did leave the theater more positive than not, but I couldn't shake the feeling that the movie could have been a lot more.

I did, however, really like the extra credits scene, and I'll be picking up Days of Future Past to get into that story.

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