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Default The Dark Knight Rises - Home Video (Blu-Ray/DVD) Release Thread

So uh...I realize its probably a BIT too early to be speculating about this considering TDKR is gonna be playing in theatres for the next month or so at LEAST, but I'm still curious.

Questions for you.

1. When do you think the earliest a Dark Knight Trilogy would be announced and/or released?

2. What would YOU want to see included in the collection

(in other words, what would they have to put in it to make you want to buy it)

Me personally: I would LOVE for Nolan and company to somehow incorporate any and all deleted scenes from any of the movies they may have had, in such a way that its like a seamless transition between scenes.

lol I know that wont happen, though I would at LEAST like some deleted scenes from TDKR, specifically Bane's origin sequence

Interviews with cast/crew is always nice. I really also enjoy watching "The Making of..." commentaries where it shows all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into these epic films.

Other than that, what could you really include in a DVD collection? Ideas?

Maybe include a special edition of copy of Batman and Robin? haha cant even say that with a straight face lol

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