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Default Re: Thor 2: Rotten Tomato Watch

Originally Posted by insideguy View Post
Didnt mean a damn thing with Transformers or Twilight.
Probably incorrect.

The creative teams behind those movies did try and evolve them. The Twilight movies have different tones from one another, and they veer slightly from the books in the last instalments, action scenes were added in. Similarly, Michael Bay put in a genuine effort in Transformers 3 and he did make it better than Transformers 2 in spite of its problems. If Transformers 2 had not been so bad, Transformers 3 would have made even more money than it did.

Further. Transformers and Twilight had very specific target audiences and they nailed those audiences. Thor 2 and the MCU, in contrast, is being marketed to "the general audience".

Finally, pointing out exceptions is never a valid argument.

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