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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
Black Tom & Juggernaut any takers? If they did get the nod for film then classic look or updated for both?

What story ideas to adapt to film for these two?

I like the idea of Black Tom & Juggernaut as the villains & if they do use the characters, I'd hope for an updated look for both of them. Even in the comics I've always found Juggernaut's helmet to look silly, so I would hope that's changed in some way. The costume Vinnie Jones wore in X3 was underwhelming to me, so it could use some improvement.

I'm not familiar enough with X-Force storylines to suggest any adaptations for film, but I'm sure there's plenty of quality material to use. The problem I see using Black Tom & Juggernaut is that there's very few guys who could pull off Cain Marko believably on screen - although I like Vinnie Jones, I just don't think he's a big enough guy to sell the character properly. I think Dave Bautista would have been a solid choice, but he's already playing Drax in GOTG so I doubt he'd be an option. Which begs the question, who should be cast as Juggernaut?

I'd go with someone few people have probably ever heard of - professional wrestler Matt Morgan. He's legit 6'10" and still is in very good shape. He also had a stint on the brief reboot of American Gladiators too. As for his acting skills, it's pretty much an unknown quantity for feature film but he comes across as menacing yet still well-spoken onscreen from what I've seen. The other benefit of using Juggernaut & Black Tom together is that they could get a great actor to do the heavy lifting as Black Tom (especially if the casting of Juggernaut is someone without a pedigree). Thoughts?

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