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Default Re: No Cyclops; Reaction Thread

Originally Posted by Optimus_Prime_ View Post
Why is Havok even in this movie? Can you answer that? They could use Amelia Voight, for example. They could use Apocalypse. They could even use Christopher Summers if they're really itching to include a Summers in the movie. ALL WOULD MAKE SENSE with regards to their comic counterparts. Instead they go Havok? Really, no one in that script meeting said "waitaminute that's Scott Summers' younger brother, and Scott isn't born yet, we really can't use him"? I mean what if you had Lex Luthor running around the planet Krypton before it was destroyed? That wouldn't bother you a bit?

There is literally NO REASON to do this, other than to continue the legacy of kicking dirt on Cyclops and anything associated with him.
You know what bugs me?

We may get moaned at for going on about Havock being younger than Cyclops. But all it's creating is difficulties for any writer in the future who actually does it right... because those who have seen the first movie will be scratching their heads going 'but I thought he was older..'

Originally Posted by ReallyCoolGuy View Post
You can't have X-Men without Cyclops. Cyclops is the X-Men.
Factually not true, but I completely agree with the sentiment. It's like Justice League stories without Superman, or Power Rangers without the Green Ranger coming to save the day... possible, but kind of empty and dissapointing.

Originally Posted by ReallyCoolGuy View Post
I have a stack of hundreds sitting in my closet. Every single one has Cyclops in it.
Wow, I really wanna read your collection

Originally Posted by ReallyCoolGuy View Post
They really said that Xavier was gonna have hair?!?!?!! Where is that..?
On his head

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