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Default Re: No Cyclops; Reaction Thread

Originally Posted by gambitfire View Post
Jarvis hasn't been the leader of the x-men since the beginning of the comics.... He's barely as iconic as Alfred really..... because even your average viewer probably knows who Alfred is.

Nick Fury may be black but he's still the head of S.H.E.I.L.D.

How the Avengers are formed in film verse doesn't seem like it will change the crucial line up by much...

whiplash and .... wait who cares!?

Pepper did have the hots for Tony and somehow the movie verse didn't really screw over either character.

This is one of those changes where once again - A crucial character to the mythology gets gypped... again.

This guy's their freaking field leader, he's the fist behind Xavier's dream and not one film did him real justice.

So I think it's fair if some people "hate" on that fact as someone so put it.
See that's the point right?
The film-verse might somehow take this modification and potray it in a way that might make sense and fit in with everything else.

I realize it's severely disappointing (I was never a huge Cyke fan, but I get it) so was Shatner not being in the STAR TREK reboot...
But at the end of the day, if the character's presence doesn't suit the overall direction and storyline of the film... then his absense might make sense.

None of us can say why and how and wtf... without knowing how the movie's going to be.

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