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Originally Posted by jonnywhc View Post
Then I dont know why im being singled out by roids..this delay for me will probably mean I get the mask like 2 days after you fairs

Actually, if hes going with the USPS..I'll get it like 3 weeks after you guys lol. Remember to put ''gift'' on the thing you need to sign or some people might get done by customs..if anyone on the list is overseas. UK postage is $15 btw!

We need more pics of the mask cos the old ones are all not able too be seen anymore..need my fix of dat beautiful sight
You weren't singled out at all I received a message from roids asking what size I wanted my mask I was a little confuse because I thought he was making the mask according to our measurements but turns out he only has a 2 size small and large.. I hope I'm able to stretch it . Lol.. did you specify what size you wanted?

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