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Exclamation Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
You have ignored it and glossed over it before in discussions. The point is you are making out that Loeb is FRETTING over Ultimate Spider-Man but you are ignorant to the situation as YOU WERE NOT THERE. I was there and there was no fretting and most of the crowd reactions to Ultimate Spider-Man including the new production art and the episode that was screened was positive.
I don't recall ignoring it or glossing over it. I just don't mention it in every post I made about "A:EMH", no. But definitely at the end of it's first season in many of my posts I mentioned being wrong.

Also inaccurate as he's credited as executive producer on multiple episodes on the Sony Marvel anime shows. Also other than animation he has experience as a writer and producer on live action TV as well.
Much like with "A:EMH", the Marvel Anime project with Sony had been in motion before Loeb's official promotion to head of TV. Anime News Network was reporting on the project as early as August 2008. Loeb was still working on "HEROES" at that time I believe.

Marvel officially announced it with footage at the SDCC 2009. Marvel did not promote Loeb to his current position until June 2010. If he was doing production work for Marvel before that promotion, I am unaware of that.

Yes, he played a role in production, and I wrote a mostly positive review of the X-MEN ANIME elsewhere. However, "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN" remains the first TV animated project Loeb produced from the ground up from top to bottom.

Historically most of this is garbage. Marvel didn't have the rights to Spectacular Spider-Man as Sony still owned it. Marvel finally got the TV rights back for Spider-Man, got their own TV animation studio, of course they want to make their own Spider-Man show.

How much longer are fans going to whine about Spectacular Spider-Man? It's not healthy.
About as long as some fans are whining about the new THUNDERCATS (and will be if/when it is officially canned) or the 2002 MOTU show (which I did like on DVD). Fandoms hold grudges. Nature of the beast. Trekkies hold the record for whining about a canceled TV show, and it worked out pretty well for them.

Sony owning "TSSM" didn't stop "USM from being good. The only thing redeemable about "USM" is that it employs a lot of talented people. Fans will probably stop whining about "TSSM" when they get a Spider-Man cartoon that isn't ****.

Anyway, it will be nice if "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" is awesome. Hell, it'd be great if "HULK: AGENT OF SMASH" is good, too. My problem is "USM" was Loeb's first impression as master of Marvel Animation, and it wasn't a good one for me. It is possible an excellent second or third impression can blow that out of the water for me; I'm just not an optimist by nature.

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