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Default Re: The Lizard - How does he compare with Spidey's other onscreen adversaries?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Connors and Lizard don't have duel personalities (or didn't until 2007 when I quit reading the comics). Actually, Raimi pretty much nailed the '60s/'70s Norman Osborn. It's just most fans now only know him from when they brought him back in the '90s as a Machiavellian master-villain and not the bad father, but flawed and likable man with a split personality. The first movie nailed that.
Umm... not even a little bit. The Lizard has always been an alter ego from his first appearance. And Norman Osborn after his accident is insane and evil. He just gets amnesia every now and then and loses that side of him. But he's never been a split personality. If anything, Harry Osborn in SM3 was the best portrayal of 60s/70s Norman Osborn.

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