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Default Re: The Lizard - How does he compare with Spidey's other onscreen adversaries?

Originally Posted by Eddie Brock View Post
Umm... not even a little bit. The Lizard has always been an alter ego from his first appearance. And Norman Osborn after his accident is insane and evil. He just gets amnesia every now and then and loses that side of him. But he's never been a split personality. If anything, Harry Osborn in SM3 was the best portrayal of 60s/70s Norman Osborn.
What are you talking about? Norman Osborn and Green Goblin in the '60s and '70s are split characters and not until near GG's death did he realize he was Norman Osborn. Even then, his two personalities would struggle for dominance like SM1.

The Lizard is an entirely separate personality from Curt Connors and is not one he is constantly having to keep buried like Norman Osborn. And once he turned into Lizard, he couldn't turn back into Connors like Osborn could or like Connors did in TASM. In fact, TASM takes a much bigger departure considering Lizard turns back into Connors who then still plans to turn everyone into lizards and plans the murder of Peter Parker when he injects himself. Nevermind the absence of Billy and Martha Connors.

SM1 did GG's personality much more faithfully than TASM did Lizard's.

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