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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

Yesyes, I'm sorry. I just rewatched it and saw her. It was that one second having her standing next to Jane holding a knive right?

This is the second time Frigga gets attacked and all she has to defend herself is a knife? I'd think about hiding a machine gun under the bed if I was her lol.

The table looks a lot like an atar, either for a ritual of some kind like giving her powers or whatever or for reviving her. I'm more interested to know the reason why Jane seems to levitate in the battlefield surrounded by dust and blackness... and Thor is kinda upset and hurt about that lol.

What do we know about the Darkelfs actually? Is there some kind of dark magic, dark matter that could give someone power or take over Jane?

In the comics I haven't read yet, Jane was given godly powers but she wasn't able to deal with it and something happened... I don't think she died though. Did anyone read that part? I'm still stuck in the 60's with my Masterworks lol.

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