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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

What I liked about Superman Returns was that it linked up with the Donner films. I’m one of the few that didn’t like the movie but liked that it belonged with the Donner films. I didn't like the reused dialogue and situations of story directly lifted/copied from Superman the Movie and that the movie didn’t completely tell a story in its own right. What irked me was the character depictions and tone of the movie. I didn’t like that Superman thought it was ok for leaving without saying good-bye. I didn’t like how Superman was pining for Lois without regard to the family unit. It looked like Kevin Spacey was walking through the part. I didn’t like how Superman barely said a word in his own film and when Brandon finally said something so many times he was impersonating Reeve. Oh and young Clark didn’t even say a word adding to quiet Clark. I didn’t like how Brando’s voiceovers were used very cynically. Superman’s costume looked cheap with rubber that looked like it could easily tear. Perry White was pretty heartless. Superman was a dick to his dog. There were to many close-ups of CG Superman’s face. There was an over use of a CG Superman to practical effects of him flying. Lois was too young, she must of had Jason when she was 16. The model train set destruction was to long and was overly distracting during the plane rescue sequence. Lex Luthor got it on with an old lady for her money, thanks for the imagery. Lex’s new land was lifeless and all rocky, who the hell would want that? I didn't like that Superman/Clark stalked Lois. I didn't like that Kryptonite have varying effects on Superman. What was with the stapler bit?

What I liked about Superman Returns was we finally got a bald Lex Luthor. I liked this version of Clark, he wasn’t dopey. The burrito scene was funny. I did enjoy the somber tone of the film.

In Man of Steel I think Jonathan Kent is a coward. When Superman finally came forward to the world it didn’t matter that they would fear him, because in the end he was their only hope, so Jonathan’s fear didn’t even matter in the end for the plot. Unless that will be addressed more in the sequel, oh wait the executives at Warner’s want their Batman, Superman fighting film, oh well. There's too much destruction in the film. You’d think Superman would have been more careful when fighting as to not destroying so much and by putting so many people in danger. At times Cavill’s acting seamed wooden. Lois said that relationships are doomed after the first kiss, who the heck says says that?!!

What I liked about Man of Steel is Lois knows about Clark’s secret. I like how tough she is. I like Faora a lot. The Superman suit looks great with the cape attachment and the size of the shield. I think it’s funny when Singer said making the shield bigger on Routh looked silly, and that the one they settled with was just right. I liked Lawrence Fisher as Perry. I love how the house of El represents hope.

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