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Default Re: Sequel Idea Re: How Lois Finds Out

Originally Posted by Immortalfire View Post
How about filmmakers pretend like Lois and Clark's relationship isn't the end all be all, of a Superman movie? How about they let him be a hero, without constantly worrying about Lois' well being?

It's a sad state of things when the best Lois and Clark relationship is on the 90's animated series. Where there is an attraction, but they keep things professional.
It allows him to function better as Superman, and you never saw him following Lois home
The really sad state of affairs was that Superman the hero wasn't even the second most important thing. Second in the film was "his place in the world" and all that crap. It's very apparent that Singer doesn't understand what a superhero is and what their purpose is. Both in the context of the fantasy and reality. Superheros are heroic first, everything else is a distant footnote. It's that simple. Until Singer stops inserting his own feelings about his own life into a any Superhero movie, we'll continue to get this watered down stuff.

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