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Default Re: Megan Fox WON'T be in TF3

Originally Posted by KenK View Post
The sad this is that Huntington-Whitley was pretty good, but yeah, she is the epitome of a plot contrivance. There's no depth to her character and she quickly becomes a tired "damsel in distress" cliche that it's ridiculous. Say what you will about Megan Fox, but Mikaela was a good character when you consider than they never played her the way they play Carly in this new film. Mikaela was always part of the action, and could handle herself in need be. She took charge when sh** was going crazy, even without the benefit of Sam being around. They never treated her like someone Sam actively had to rescue, like they did in Dark of the Moon.
100% AGREE. Mikaela was never the "damsel in distress". Carly's screaming did get on my nerves and the never played Mikaela that way. She was the badass, who could fix a car, drive like a boss and a assortment of other things.

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