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Default Re: Official X-FACTOR Discussion Thread

Sorry guys that is the last time I let a trusted friend post something for me. The SOB edited it on me.

Anyway Lyla comes across as a mutant and as a non mutant because of the nanobots old Lyla put in young Lyla. So what she is in some part is explained.

In regards to Lyla I always had her pegged as have probability power ie she could see probable outcomes that could affect timelines/histories etc and she could manipulate the various situations to stop these occuring ore to help in their creation. I took this from what she did in the first lot of issues. But of course PAD stated her mutant power was to Resurrect the dead but without a soul.

I originally thought when the character was introduced in HOM that she was the order to Wanda's Chaos ie she could see the altered timelines and allow others to see it as she showed all the heroes the truth.

Lyla is a mixed up character as she originally did something as a plot device in HOM and then in Decimation she became something else with readers debate is she a mutant/ what is her ability etc. So Acolyte is simply connected to her power and maybe what she learned from Doom which may have been how to restore the soul. This is only my opinion hope this makes sense than what was edited by someone trying to be funny.

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