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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by *Whiplash* View Post
I would have to say characters like The Ventriloquist/Mad Hatter/Clock King.

Nothing against anyone who does like the list above - But I always preferred the more serious, grittier villains like Joker, Two-Face and Bane.
Ouch! You named one of my all time faves. Of course its all our opinions but you mentioned that you prefer serious, gritty characters, but Joker's anything but. Hes a murdering psychopath but is funny at the same time and acting like a silly happy clown. Same with Ventrilquist. Scarface is funny cause its a talking puppet and he tries to be feared so comes out comically (intentionally) especially with his letter G, but behind it hides a disturbed individual who comes from mob family and witnessed his mother's murder, someone absolutely vicious and ruthless

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