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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by Ibn View Post
If you think Ra's al Ghul is a simple archetype for "warlocks" then you havent read enough material with him, or his family, featured.
As I mentioned, I avoided stories and BTAS episodes with Ras, but that doesnt change who he is. He might be powerful, but in the end hes still just another goatee&cape wizard, and there was overkill of those in cartoons and comics, and this is why I dont find the character interesting or exciting, especially next to such colorful (personality-wise) and unique villains as Joker, Scarecrow or Two face to name a few

The movie version sucked a fat one, and was barely a reflection of who the character is and what he means in the comics. Then again maybe that's why you enjoyed it.
Definitely a part of the reason. Liam's performance is great and I liked this global terrorist he portrayed, who contained both great wisdom and great self control

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Zsasz - He's as bad as Carnage in Spider-Man. Just a killing machine with no depth or substance.
I think Zsasz has a lot of substance. Hes very sadistic and unique in the way he slashes people and places them in those lifelike positions. Its also unique how in his mind hes freeing people from useless lives and he can also surprise Batman during attacks and hold well against him. That and his very clever as well. All that makes him a very interesting villain for me which I always enjoyed and thought as a legitimate and serious opponent

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