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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

1) Solmon Grundy - Really Corny
2) Poison Ivy - Corny
3) Clayface - Too Fantastical
4) Killer Croc - Too Fantastical
5) Man-Bat - Too Fantastical
6) Harley Quinn - Redundant
7) Ventriloquist - Annoying

Underrated: Deadshot (at least how he was potrayed in Batman: Gotham Knight dvd) ... that character has potential.

Some of these characters with more tweaks based in reality type psychosis or psyschology could be alot better.

Mad Hatter could essentially be a really creepy version of an acrhtype in Batman's universe for a weird pedophile.

I actually agree about Ra's being a corny wizard in both the comics and TAS. I much prefer the Batman Begins more grounded, shadow ninja / assasin organization, which the position of "Ra's Al Ghul" is simply a title for the leader of a realistic terrorist organization. No corny and ridiculous Lazarus Pit, asking Batman to be his apprentice every 5 seconds. He got it out the way in BEGINS ... ONE TIME ... everything after that, Bruce was just in his way.

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