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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Are you kidding me? Ra's and Talia are a HUGE part of Batman. Some of you are complaining that he's not "unique" like Joker or Two-Face, but thats partly why I think Ra's is important. Obviously Joker and Two-Face are great villains and deserve all their popularity, but it's nice to have a traditional style villain in Ra's al Ghul.

Its just I don't want EVERY Bat-villain to be some crazy lunatic with a gimmick. Ra's provides a classic storyline, and Batman's it-can-never-work love affair with Talia is a vital part of Batman and by far the best bat-relationship. And don't forget that Ra's is the most dangerous of all Batman's villains. While even the "heavyweights" only threaten Gotham city, Ra's schemes are often on a much higher level.

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