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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

It's not looking good for The Clone Wars...

It seems as though The Clone Wars is done

“Then our worst fears have been realized…” –Mace Windu

It seems a sad fact that The Clone Wars is likely not returning to any television screens in the next year. I’ve heard rumblings to this effect from people in the know for a while now, but never on the record, and with them always encouraging us to show support for the show. Over the weekend, though, it seems as though The Clone Wars has met its demise.

Jedi News UK is reporting from “several sources” that The Clone Wars is done. There has been no official announcement, though I’ve heard one will be forthcoming, perhaps as early as tomorrow. There’s no good reason for this, but I said back in January that the plug could be pulled for the same shortsighted reasons as the 3D re-releases of the other films.

None of my sources has any reason to lie to me, but I was holding out talking about this until an official announcement was made, in hopes that it was all an elaborate bluff. Perhaps it will all turn out to be an elaborate bluff anyway and the announcement will be good news. We’ll see Season Six and all of the rest of the material in production finished and released to us to tide us over until the Sequel Trilogy.

But it doesn’t seem likely.

I’ll be angry and saddened by the “official” loss of The Clone Wars. I’ll be doubly angry if the completed episodes don’t air or appear on Netflix or iTunes, especially with the cliffhangers of the last two arcs of Season 5. But, as Master Yoda said, we must rejoice for those around us who transform into the force. The Clone Wars has given us five seasons of Star Wars that have blown us away. In the initial press releases, we were only getting 100 episodes over four seasons. With more than 100 over five seasons, perhaps we were living on borrowed time anyway.

You can still send messages of support for The Clone Wars to Disney and Lucasfilm. If nothing else, at least they’ll know how much the show means to all of us and that we’d love to see it continue.

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