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Default Re: Batman vs. Superman plot speculation

My idea for the story would involve Wayne coming to metropolis for a business venture with lexcop. They both share a fear/mistrust for superman and use their monry in resources to start development on a defense mechanism for humanity, feeling that humanitys only defense from freak aliens and super villans shouldnt be another freak himself. So they develop kryponite. Maybe it should be less intense than in the comics, like it just drastically weakens him as opposed to potentially killing him, but it would give batman the ability to fight supes an give lex the backstory for.hating superman and having the hurt him. i think a manufactured kryptonite is a good way to introduce it into snyders world and makes a lot of other plot points work. The difference between lex and wayne is superman gains batmans trust and lex becomes bent on killing superman, developong his robot suit etc. just my two cents on a potential story

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