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Default Re: What about Joss Whedon for Superman?

Originally Posted by fabman View Post
Yeah, I completely agree with you. I think that they'll wait before making another Superman. Even if Bryan Singer intends on directing a sequel to Superman Returns, I don't think they'll make it unless they think that they really have something special that's going to really please the mass.

The problem is they thought they had that with Superman Returns. Obviously, they didn't. The first one sets the tone for the franchise and the tone set was a bad one. You can't simply add some action and expect a miracle, which is what Singer seems to think. That's like adding brand new horseshoes to a dead horse, it's still not going to win the race. Besides, Lack of action was only one of it's many problems.

Regardless of the defenders undying love for it, Superman Returns is viewed as a dissapointment and the time between any actual movement in the franchise is proof to that. It's simply to much of a risk for the studio, even with a smaller budget.

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