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Default Re: What about Joss Whedon for Superman?

Joss Whedon=The Flash

Now then, if Whedon were to come aboard a Superman film, I'd be thrilled because Whedon is one of my favorite writer/director/producers in Hollywood. I think Whedon is just as talented as J.J. Abrams, it's just that Abrams has worked on projects that have pulled in the general audience, were Whedon so far has created cult hits. But the two are very similiar in there attention to character, emotion, passion, and dialouge.

Whedon just needs to get over himself a little bit and do something mainstream, and as long as he stuck to the source material, I think he could make a great Superman or Flash movie.

I would throw Superman: Birthright, Superman For All Seasons, All-Star Superman, and Superman:TAS in front of him to eradicate his belief that DC characters are somewhat one dimensional, which is the silver age's fault, not Whedon's.


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