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Default Re: Official Clark Gregg/Agent Coulson Support Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
I think what
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Sells it for me with Stark is that RDJ generally has Stark constantly talking and moving. But at the table after Phil dies, he's silent and barely moves. kinda seals the deal with how close he and Phil had become.
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Yeah, his death had an affect on him (and everyone). I liked the moment later when he confronts Loki saying "there was someone else you p**sed off. His name is Phil". Little side note, he said the present tense 'is' instead of past 'was', which apparently is in keeping with someone who's just lost a friend or loved one (ok, I watch too much Law and Order lol).

Personally I think the LMD theory would just devalue what happened. Though saying that, Fury did seemingly like about the trading cards. Maybe Coulson is in a hospital bed somewhere? I dunno. I admit I just want to see the guy back, but at the same time I don't want it to be as easy a write off as an LMD (though I did float a Captain Marvel idea a page back).

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