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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
Yep. Considering he had no distinct interaction with anyone outside the military I really don't know how they'll just have him immediately show up a hero in a sequel when he'd be preceived as just "one of the aliens that busted up the city." He has yet to be introduced to the world. If anyone other than Goyer were writing the script, I would have faith this would be addressed
This is why you don't introduce General Zod and co. to the world before properly introducing Superman. Goyer really screwed it up there.

Originally Posted by bullets View Post
I think that will be answered in the sequel. At this point Superman is an unsung hero or to some an alien that refused to leave and caused massive destruction.
Yes. It's far less than it could have been. It's almost like having a Batman origin movie that's only about how Bruce Wayne got trained and his gadgets. Full costume for the sequel.

Originally Posted by Lencho01 View Post
Which is funny because up until the film's release one of their major talking points was how the world would react to Superman, but they pretty much left that reaction to a handful of people.
Oh yes. The world only know of Kryptonians and super-powered beings because of Zod, not Superman. Way to ruin a good story.

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