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Default Re: Smallville's influence in the comics, other DC media

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
I am sick of people bad talking Smallville all the time. It does not get half the kind of credit it deserves, both as a general TV show AND in the comics industry. It has influenced so much, so much of the comics and Superman in general has changed to adapt to the show, I dont know if Lex had known of Clark before Superman (before Smallville) but the show made that storyline popular. They made Clark's parents younger, they made the decsison to have classic characters meet Clark before he's Superman. They directly inspired the show Merlin on the BBC UK. The success of the show more than likely paved the way for Arrow to even exist. Yes it had some bad storylines (like all shows do) but the good ones really seemed to balance it out and I thought it was a genuine effort for a TV show and I always hate when I hear people saying it was a 'crappy' show or whatever else.
Lex Luthor knowing Superman in Smallville was his origin before the crisis. In the comics Lex and Superboy use to be best friends but an explosion caused Lex to lose all his hair when trying to find a cure to Kryptonite for Superboy causing Lex to lose all his hair and him to disliking Superboy because he (Lex) felt he was doing all this work to save him (Superboy) but he couldn't save him from the fire. Also while I agree with you that SV does get a bad rep but a lot of it was to their own doing and it never really had that big of an influence on the comics outside of Birthright. Personally I loved the show but outside of Birthright it really doesn't have that much of influence. Even in MOS outside of making the Kents younger and using Whitney and Chloe's last name it really had no influence on the movie because most of the stuff in it (tornado, Clark's reaction or how the Kent's told him where he came from,Lexcorp/post crisis Lex etc) happened in the comics, S:TAS, Lois and Clark and other forms of media first. However the best thing SV did that I saw in MOS was they skipped the love triangle and had Lois already know Clark is Superman. SV had to do it for obvious reasons but I like that it transferred over to the movie or at least I like to think that's what it did.

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