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Default Re: The Official Gears of War Thread

No more missing point blank Gnasher shots, thanks to Gears of War 4's March update

8 hours ago

The Coalition are by no means done supporting Gears of War 4, as they have just announced all the details on their upcoming March update. This...
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DLC for everyone.

Gears of War 4 players can look forward to a "major update" for the game that will bring new maps, add new features, tweak items, and more.

The March update will bring one new map, Diner, and one classic map, Old Town, as well as the new Ranked Lobby system, and improvements to Gnasher. That's not all though before this map even makes its release there will be a bit of content distributed to Gears of War 4 players throughout the month (Gear Packs!).
The update is now available to Season Pass Holders, in the Developer Playlist, complete with Double XP and 20% Bonus Credits. The maps will be added to the standard map rotation for all on March 14th.

Ranked Lobbies:
When matchmaking for any Core or Competitive playlist, you'll be placed in a pre-game lobby that features map voting, bounty selection, and customization options. If a player quits prior to the match beginning, the lobby will continue searching for a player instead of heading into the game.
Once the match is over, you’ll be automatically returned into the Lobby search for your playlist without having to manually restart.
Two New Maps:
A lone neon-lit Diner in a dusty wasteland is the latest battleground in Gears 4! Developed over the course of the last 18 months, this map represents one of the most refined tactical experiences yet seen in a map from The Coalition.

Combat inside the Diner is intense and claustrophobic as you fight for control of the kitchen and Sniper Spawn. Expect smaller engagements that demand close-quarters skills to come out on top.

The parking lot is a more open affair where the focus shifts to ranged combat. Work as a team and win the outside and open up new flanks to catch out your opponents in the Diner!

Old Town
Old Town is back! One of the standout maps from Gears of War 3, this map has been re-imagined in a snowy UIR Costal town, complete with a looming UIR Base lurking in the background.

Old Town features the same layout fans know and love, with its clearly defined three lanes and asymmetrical elevation change from low to high. Fight over the Torque and Sniper under the Belltower, stall to stall in the market, or hunkered down in the tight, long sight-lined alleyway.

With new weapon swaps, the dynamics of the critical alleyway fight have evolved. One round will force the fight into close range with the addition of the Overkill shotgun, while the other will encourage ranged combat thanks to the new Markza pickups. Win the fight to claim the Boomshot or – new to Gears of War 4 – Dropshot that spawns here.




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