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Default Re: The Official Gears of War Thread

Gears of War 4’s first ranked season is underway

The Coalition has revealed the rewards up for grabs in Gears of War 4's Ranked Season 1.Read more

The Coalition has revealed the rewards up for grabs in Gears of War 4's Ranked Season 1.

| 04/21/2017 09:02 AM PT

The first of Gears of War 4‘s ranked seasons is now underway on Xbox One and PC.
“Seasons are a roughly three-month period of Ranked Play where you will be challenged to go out, secure your first Rank through placement matches, and then rise through the Tiers by consistently winning matches,” developer The Coalition explains. “As of right now, resets have occurred on all tiers. You will need to replay your Placement Matches for your new Tier.
“Running Seasons allows us to offer better Skill Based Matchmaking by refreshing Ranked Matchmaking every three months, and provide a great way to showcase your skills against an increasingly experienced player base.”
Ranked Season 1 is scheduled to end mid-July and will offer three new full Weapon Skin collections as a reward–Gold, Onyx, and Diamond. Each type of Weapon Skin is linked to a specific playlist every Season and the rewards are based on a per playlist basis, but don’t worry, because the weapon skin on offer in each playlist will rotate each season.

“Rewards are based on your highest Rank during the Season, rather than your final placement,” the developer adds. “If you get to Diamond and then have a run of losses that brings you down to Onyx, don’t worry – you’ve secured your Diamond Reward for that playlist. We are also planning to award players the Weapon Skins from Ranks below your placement too!”
The following skins are available during Season 1:
  • Team Deathmatch: Lancer
  • King Of The Hill: Overkill
  • Dodgeball: Dropshot
  • Guardian: Boltok
  • Arms Race: Markza Mk. 1
  • Warzone: Boomshot
  • Escalation: Gnasher
  • Execution: Longshot
Earlier this month, The Coalition revealed that it will be activating cross-play in Core and Competitive playlists in the coming months, allowing Xbox One and PC players to play together in ranked.
Source: The Coalition


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