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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by JackMercy View Post
??? Precisely. And this is your reason to invite Berry back? Because -- at the actress's demand -- her character was already manipulated to the films' forefront more than once (and artificially, at that)?

(Lightning: I like you and know you've been around for a while, but really?)

Yes, maneuvering has its place in Hollywood. But do you have any better justification for Storm being in the film other than "the fans deserve it"?

People also seem to be assuming that the character/actress were part of the equation from the beginning, when maybe...they weren't.

NanaT wrote that she "rightfully deserves to be in this movie." Her position at the end of the last film, or previous treatment therein, doesn't "entitle" the actress or her character to anything.

No character or person "rightfully deserves" anything in life. There are no "just deserves" -- only reality and fantasy. Hollywood operates on the borderline of both, yes.*

This is not what you want to hear...but the cold, hard reality is that hardcore fans don't account for enough box office to truly have any significant impact on a studio/franchise matter such as this.

Bottom line -- if Singer wants her in the film, he'll find a way...and it sounds (however vaguely) like he doesn't.

*(This is the same issue people seem to be hung up on about B. Routh and Superman, by the way. Starring in a $200m Hollywood franchise product doesn't automatically secure you a lifetime pass for continued success and all the roles you desire. No need to "feel sorry" for the guy, it's just business.)

This post is perfect. Well said, sir.

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