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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

before Brett Ratner took over the draft by Simon Kinberg/Zack Penn/Matthew Vaughn had more a triangle between Rogye,Iceman,and Kitty and had Rogue
attending brotherhood meetings to get people to question If she was going to turn her back on X-men.That draft which had more for rogue also had
decent role for storm.There was going to a wolverine/Storm hookup after Xavier's so called death.Rogue was treated horrable after ratner took over
and Kinberg and Penn did rewrite to suit Ratner before filming beguin.It's true they had a short window for Anna Paquin since she committed to
margaret before seucring deal to return for last STand But It was ratner who decided for rogue to take cure which lauren Shueller Donnor even openly admits
on commantary for last Stand she was oppossed to.

I don't think It's fair to entirely blame Halle Berry for shortcahnging other females for last Stand.

A reason why we may be getting both Kitty and Rogue for DOFP Is because Anna may not be able to start work on DOFP till June because of true Blood.
Plus with Ellen Page signed to make her directoral debut with small film that might be clue her screentime may be limited to future scenes.

People are getting ahead of themselves.Bryan Singer Is only going to announce people when he Is ready.He gave answer about Halle because
he was directly asked about her.Have people learned nothing from Shawn Ashmore saying he knew nothing about DOFP and a couple of days later bryan
announced his return.

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