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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I do, however, disagree with this. She 'saved the day' in X2 by realizing the only way to manipulate Jason's telepathic hold on Xavier was to manipulate Jason himself. When you think about it, it was actually quite genius writing on Singer & Co.'s part. And it was certainly part of X2's main climax. Her actions undermined Magneto's attempt to frame Charles Xavier as a mass murderer and saved humankind. How is that not substantive involvement????

The only thing that would carry over to this film from X3 is her Headmistress role. And that's because the only other viable leaders (Scott and Charles) are dead/missing. You can't explain her absence without putting someone else in charge or just taking the School For The Gifted out of the equation completely.

And who knows...that may happen. We'll see.
Ive always found funny how some fans or users use to say Storm's role on the trilogy was pointless or that we dont know anything about her, but then we have characters like Colossus, Kitty, Angel or even Bobby that didnt have a great arc on the trilogy at all.

ok, Bobby had the scene at his home with his family, but thats it. thats not the biggest role of the world you know, lol.

Storm had more solid lines than Bobby, but yet the fans keep saying Storm role was pointless.

I can understand some hate Halle, ok, everyone has their feelings, but... Storm had a decent role in the trilogy. Colossus, Angel, Cyclops and Kitty fans cant say the same, sadly.

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