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Default Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Obviously a rotating roster has been one of the trademark features of the Avengers in the comics, as well as any other team. I'm told that Kevin Feige has already said that fans should expect a rotating roster of sorts but I thought I'd sound off about my opinions on the issue.

As much as I appreciate that people want to see their favourite Avengers on the screen and there is the precedent to have characters come and go; I would prefer that the core team remain the same going into the next film. As much as the Avengers sequel is going to be a continuation of whatever happens in other films such as Iron Man 3, Thor 2 etc, it's also got to be recognisably a follow up to The Avengers and as such it should build on the dynamics already established by that film.

I think it would be a mistake to shake up the roster between films and really think that the Avengers should be seen as an origin film in its own right. The sequels can then expand on everything already present, without retreading 'origin territory' by introducing new members and ditching old ones.

What does everyone else think? I accept that there will probably at least one additional member to the roster although I'd prefer there to be none. Are many people in favour of big shake ups?

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