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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
I just think then it is still just listening to one side. There are extremists on both sides. Including a guy that was very negative to many of us (Jim Raynor and his rebuttal to RLM's reviews). Many of the Podcasts, (Star Wars ones) rip on people that don't like the PT, such as one recently went into detail how they hated Simon Pegg the actor because he is a avid PT (disliker). I've rarely seen OT people say that the PT people themselves are "not" fans of Star Wars, I rarely see that. However they attack the actual films, not so much the fans. RLM really attacks the films more so then anything.

I see more PT fans call us "non Star Wars fans" then the other way around. Many of the OT people attack George Lucas and not necessarily the fans.

To me you've made some big assumptions with how little you claim you know about all this. I do question this.
I'm giving you my impression, not an assumption. If I can come in, expose myself to Star Wars fandom online in the form of PodCasts, YouTube videos, 90 minute reviews, endless comments, forums, news articles, debates and even documentaries for months - and come out with the impression that those that passionately and vocally (key word) oppose the PT are more mean-spirited in general - then that does say something. And I do get the impression that many that are hostile to those that oppose the PT have likely been conditioned to be that way - and I think everyone knows why.

If you're trying to say "Both sides are equally bad" then I call that a false equivalency. I got the steady impression that one side is generally worse than the other.

If those that dislike the PT had moved on after a year or so and not waged a war on the films and Lucas (and occasionally the fans of the PT themselves) then I highly doubt 'Entire Saga' fans would be as hostile.

When there's a documentary made against the PT by those that dislike it, you know disdain has gone too far and taken over. It's even touched on in 'The People VS George Lucas'.

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