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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
I just disagree, and to me it's scratching the surface. If you are really doing a research project I figured you would look deeper into it. Impressions are one things, but looking into it deeper is different. Are you really writing this or was your purpose to get this debate going?
You're basically holding up a standard of research that is impossible to achieve - what else could I possibly have done?

How do you suggest I look any deeper? If I had come out with a perspective you agreed with, you'd take no issue with how far I supposedly delved, I'm quite positive.

I didn't turn a deaf ear - but when one side is hammering on for ages and with plenty of vitriol, it does mean something and if it gives off an impression that is not properly representative - then that is not the fault of the observer but the fault of those shoving that image.

When I say "That's the impression I get" keep in mind I'm trying to be humble and not be mistaken for "making assumptions".

And plenty of normal people rate films online, I agree and this can pretty much validate a consensus of opinion - it's not an alien thing. But people with YouTube accounts making dozens of posts a day, people with thousands of posts on IMDB, SHH, TFN, etc...those are quite distanced from the general population.

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