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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by TheDevilIsMe View Post
I've taken a look at RLM, of course. It was integral to getting to know the critiques.

I never said I knew nothing. In my original post I make it a point to say I will watch the other 5 films in order to be fully literate on the continuity more than I am now, and in that first post I openly stated this;

And I wrote my paper about a year ago for an introductory film studies class - we were discussing critical success and target-audience consensus versus financial success and which means more to a franchise/studio's future - and we were free to write anything related to it so I chose to cover a fanbase and their divided opinions on two different hemispheres of a franchise (c

I think people are forgetting that the impression I had was up for contesting - but if you want to erase a huge amount of negative fanbase infighting I exposed myself to - I'd need more than "Well...both sides are mean" if you understand what I'm saying. I'm basically trying to get posters like you to prove to me that my impression was wrong and why.

People also forget that my main point was to discuss " most fans feel about the film - what is the general consensus on the idea of "New Star Wars"?"

But it's turned into "Who is meaner?" and "Who is the majority/minority?" type thing.
Okay, but I'd say on both sides you have seen passion but civility in most of the conversation. I attack the films, not the people themselves. So to say you made your mind up would say you think I'm just being a loud angry yelling Youtube type of guy? I'd say that's not my case. I am passionate and have my reasons why I don't like it but most of us don't turn and yell at the fans that like it calling them names ect.

As for the Episode VII thing? I am beyond excited, It has given me spark of Star Wars I have not felt since 1998. I just feel back into it, and I have very high hopes with the team behind it. I think they will create something that will make "most" (you can never have universal) fans embrace them.

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