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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by ITheSymbioteI View Post
Well great, and the risk worked. Spidey has been officially rebooted and no one is confusing the two franchises like they were with Hulk.

So whats the problem with you know....being, what, I don't know....faithful to the comics now that there will be no confusion? I don't get your point here at all. The risk paid off. They're going to change the costume around for making more toys anyway (like all superhero movies do now), so might as well go back to the roots, albiet remix it a little.

Its a great balance of the original and the new. I don't see how its bad to be faithful. Suddenly its bad because its safe? Come on now. Its just Spider-Man looking like...I dunno...Spider-Man. In no reality is that bad. He's just one of those superheroes you don't need to change (although I did like reboot suit) because he's just damn iconic.

I love how people defend at the littlest thing such as me saying I just prefer the first suit.

I'm not a fanboy that cares about something being so faithful to the comics. The personality is the most that I care about, not the look. And the risky suit in TAS-M was just fine because I applaud directors in wanting to do that, such as the TDK(R) suit for example as well and that's one of the few pros I have with the first film, the suit being something new and refreshing.

Originally Posted by mayo23 View Post
I personally think Anno constantly needs an angle to dislike something...
Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
It's probably anno afraid it will steal raimi thunder having a similar suit
It'll be nice if you two knew a damn thing, but who am I kidding, right?

I didn't even like Raimi's suit, but you two go ahead and think what ya want

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