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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Maybe I have a complete minunderstanding of the character that is Superman .....

But on the pecking order of his responsibilities I always thought it went:

1. Protecting the innocent
2. Fighting/Brawling

Was really surprised that this movie featured absolutely none of the luring away of the bad guy to keep them from harming the public. Supes took the fight to them IN public.
You misunderstand Zod's goals. Zod's goal is to kill and destroy humans. His goal is not to defeat Superman per se. So if Superman tries to "lure" Zod away, Zod will just go on a killing spree.

Plus you ignore the fact that Superman put protecting the innocent first. He went after the World Engine as fast as he could. That saved billions of lives.

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