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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by ThanosOfTitans View Post
I'm honestly glad they didn't focus too much on Superman saving lives. I mean, seriously, any smart person had more than enough time to evacuate. Why the hell were there people at Museums and at work when it was already announced 24 hours ago that a militant alien population was threatening the city? I think the filmmakers emphasized Superman's capacity and genuine intent to save lives enough without overdoing it.

Plus, the whole distraction of the hero saving lives while in battle has been done to's a bit cliche. Towards the end, when I saw all of those people in the building where the final battle took place...all I could think is...why the hell aren't these people leaving the city? especially with kids? Obviously, these people did not value their lives. You have a whole city collapsing around you and these people seem to have no sense of urgency or survival...hell...even at the daily planet...these fools waited until the last minute to decide to evacuate. where they do that at?

If a militant alien race threatens Washington, DC today...I can guarantee you I won't be any where downtown or at work or at a museum the next's just cray.
To be fair, Zod never threatened anywhere specifically. He threatened the entire earth. He does not move on Metropolis until he opens fire with the World Engine. People have no warning that Metropolis will be ground zero.

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