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Shock Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by bubbadoom View Post
Marvel may have a slight time line issue that they will need to address:

We have seen Vibranium in WWII - Stark made Cap's shield of it, so this suggests he became aware of the metal some time before the war [1940?], so perhaps he had a brief adventure in or near Wakanda and encountered the Panther - maybe Zemo and Hydra are the villains - this might be all the link to the MU the Panther needs.

A young Ulysses Klaw could have encountered Vibranium while working along side Stark in WWII, maybe even show Steve Rogers getting his shield at this time.

Years after the war, Klaw has tracked down the source of Vibranium in Wakanda and goes there, encounters and kills the Panther T'Chaka, a young T'Challa destroys Klaw's hand, and hopefully Klaw falls victim to his sonic machine.

In the present day, KLAW, the mutated Master of Sound - the classic Kirby villain - returns to cause an older T'Challa grief.

I think the real trick will be making T'Challa old enough [say 40] to have encountered Klaw long enough ago [30 years?] that Klaw is not too old to have been around in WWII [about 65 years old]. His age is not that important since he should be the Sonic version in the present day.

Marvel better get this in the works fast while the numbers still work...
I think that's an interesting take. I prefer a young T'Challa, and just use his granddad in WWII and put Klaw/T'Chaka in the Cold War Era, but this wouldn't bother me too much.

But thinking about the timeline, and this is for you too MessiahDecoy... you guys know how much I'm against making Wakanda superior at the beginning of the film, how it belittles T'Challa's accomplishments and challenges, and limits the audiences ability to care about these people that came out of nowhere and has it all together...

But, still, I think it might be very interesting to do a sort of history montage to introduce Wakanda, much like at the beginning of X-Men Wolverine Origins and Watchmen. I know, horrible examples, but the concept is sound. You subtly without words, show the story and history of Wakanda in montages, so the audience can identify with the plight. It still might come off a bit too 'Black History Month' but I think inserting Howard Stark or Peggy Carter in there to get the SHIELD, or just straight up Captain America in the WWII part, might be a great thing. It doesn't need to be a thing. You see Stark and T'Chaka exchanging tech for vibranium, then Nazi's fighting, then dead Nazis and Captain America and T'Chaka shaking hands, and then into a technological expansion, the country hiding its true nature in varoius tech means, then we find ourselves in near modern day, a few other scenes... and then boom... T'Challa as a child training with his father before a big meeting.

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