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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
So Fast & Furious 6 came out this weekend. Reports are, as expected, that it's gonna be a box office smash. I havent seen it yet, but it does remind me of a point that i read in an article 2 years ago when Fast Five came out.

I can't find it right now but basically it was saying that the Fast & Furious franchise is very successful despite having a predominately minority cast of characters and having a soundtrack of mostly Hip hop and Reggaeton music (music genres that are enjoyed by all but more synonymous with African Americans and Hispanics)

So i guess Im asking: Do you guys still think that race is a HUGE factor when it comes to Box office? I bring it up here because a lot of people think that one of the reasons that Black Panther is taking so long is because of the fact that the higher ups are afraid of having a tentpole with a black lead.

I honestly don't think it is, especially in America. I mean I think movies that are directed toward the "urban" audience like: Takers, Barbershop, and potentially a Luke Cage movie wont make the really big $100 mill+; but I still think you can have a black/minority cast and have a high grossing movie.

Firstly race hasn't been a factor in box office success, despite what some biased execs may say, since the 1980s.

Secondly if anything the success of DJANGO UNCHAINED with a black lead who isn't Will Smith or Denzel Washington combined with it's far from comfortable subject matter and content should have convinced people that race shouldn't definitely play any role in a black super or action hero movie.

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