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Default Re: Darkseid Casting Thread

I think Darkseid would be a terrible choice for a villain. For one, if he's at his original "I can wipe you from existence just by looking at you" power level, then there's no convincing way for him to lose. If they trim down his powers so they can have him actually fight, then the fans will constantly whine and moan about his powers being neutered (like they already do about the STAS Darkseid) And to be honest, his whole background story just sounds kind of silly if it's presented as a stand-alone story and not part of the larger DCU.

Plus, I can't imagine Darkseid being presented on the big screen without looking stupid. There are just some things that, while they may look cool when drawn, just don't translate when they're done in 3-D. That's why the Green Goblin looked like a bad Power Rangers villain in the first Spider-Man movie. That's why Milton Fine is never shown as regular ol' Brainiac on Smallville. That's why they'll likely never make a movie with Bizarro or Mr. Mxyzptlk. I know he's one of Superman's most important villains, but I can't conceive a three-dimensional version of him not looking goofy.

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