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Re: Darkseid Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Andy C.
I'm not going to get into that argument, because frankly I've never been a fan of the character, and I find it amusing that people complain about Superman being "too powerful," but then immediately say that Darkseid should be able to take on the entire DCU by himself.
Because Superman and Darkseid fill completely different roles in the DCU. Darkseid's suposed to be a threat to everyone, wheras Superman still deals with his own personal rogues gallary who would not threaten the DCU entire as a team.

Originally Posted by Andy C.
But either way, whether he's all but omnipotent or Superman's personal punching bad, he shouldn't be put into movie form. There are plenty of other villains better suited for a one-on-one with Supes that can be done without compromising the character. And if you must do Darkseid, save it for a JLA movie.
Nope. If you're doing Darkseid, save it for a Fourth World movie.

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