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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Cinema is not a booklet of rules, I agree, but when you stray from certain conventions your executions need to be handled perfectly otherwise you're open to justifiable criticism. .
I completely agree with this. I understand people not liking the execution Nolan chose. But the moment he did it , i see no reason for him to develop what isnt needed for the story that his being told.

Everything in this movie is related to Bruce's emotional state. Gotham in general is one of many facets the director manipulates in order to serve the story. I've got more than enough visual cues and scenes to help me understand Gotham reaction to a certain point. The rest is unnecessary. Because its irrelevant , or because other characters actions are enough to convey a particular information.

I would agree to a certain type of criticism , if the movie was about a clash of ideals or something. I also understand it might have been what people expected. But the movie isnt about that. It's and individual story. And i love the bold choice by Nolan ,instead of cheap reactions and irrelevant story-lines. Gotham is more than personified by the characters that operate in this movie , and that type of basic outline was already present in the previous movies.

That's why i see a lot of opinions (good ones , and very elaborated) that talk about a movie that doesn't exist , and never tries to achieve anything like that. Rises is all about Bruce's journey.

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