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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Maybe I cared more about Gotham in BB and TDK, but I cared about Bruce Wayne SO much more in TDKR than both of those movies combined. I was just scared for Gotham in TDKR. The truth about Dent getting out and the people tearing themselves apart pretty much meant The Joker won after all. It was crushing to see everything Bruce had fought for just lay to waste. The only hope left for Gotham was Batman, even if the people were too lost to know it until he came back.

As has been pointed out in the past, the tension wasn't so much whether of not Gotham was going to get nuked at the end. The film knows that we know that Batman will save the day. The question the film asks is whether or not Bruce will "die a good death" or choose to live his life. I found this question a pretty compelling one to place at the center of the film, because both alternatives sound plausible for Bruce.

The fact that in a film with plane flippings, stadium implosions, revolutions, flying lobsters and nukes, the one image that truly made the film soar for me was Christian Bale sitting in a cafe in a pink shirt. That to me speaks volumes. TDKR just had such a great ending. If the ending didn't work, I'd probably end up having more problems with the film than I do. But the culmination of Bruce Wayne's journey was just so satisfying and essential to what this trilogy was all about.

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