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Post Re: Dougherty and Harris

Has anyone else noticed about how little dialog is in movies these days?

That's what makes me appreciate Quintin Tarintino's and Kevin Smith's movies - the fact that their minds are somewhere deeper into the screenplay than anyone else. They've involved themselves in projects so much more intimately. Whether it's a rant about what the French call a Big Mac or the wonders of donkey Bestiality - the writers wanted to jump into those topics and wallow around in them. Practically NO ONE in SR had more than two sentences to say. And the vast majority of the film is spent with characters spitting only one sentence at a time. I think the only person who spouts at least 3 senetnces in a row is the late Marlon Brando. Which is fine because I like to hear him talk. Clark and Lois have the most dialog invested in the movie and that only comes when Clark is giving Lois his "interview."

I am constantly offended by the current state of screenplays in today's films - they think I can't both like action AND long exposition. I think they assume that if I like a good action scene, I'm also too stupid to like a brainy film with complex dialog. I'm trully offended!

Even though I have really enjoyed the X2 and SR, they just seem unwilling to just let the character's talk. And I can't stand that!

You won't lose me by just letting characters talk. And I'm also NOT going to tune out if there's a lot of action on screen. I'm going to pay one million percent attention the WHOLE entire movie.

NO ONE in a Dougherty & Harris movie has chemistry together.

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